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Welcome to our School Event page where we shoot, edit and produce your childs special day.  We record and capture your school concert, melodrama, matric farewell, sport event, dance competitions, music shows, graduation etc. We can capture and preserve those important joyful moments. Memories are PRICELESS.  DVDs of your, or your children's, performances make GREAT gifts! Your children will treasure the DVD for years to come, when they can look back on their performance or graduation and see their friends and classmates (and themselves!)

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filmingOne professional camera operator. All our camera operators are professionals and know the equipment inside out. Apart from their technical skills they are also polite, reliable, and discreet. They are able to resolve most technical problems with sound and cameras. They also do their best to  film in such a way that the school event is not interrupted.

sony-100hdvEqipment:  An hour before the event I set up my equipment. Currently that consist of a Sony HVR-HD1000U with external microphone, headset and remote controller, on a Manfrotto tripod.  The recording starts wide screen, covering the entire stage. As the MC enters the stage, I slowly zoom into him/her, zooming slowly out again when I sense that he/she is near the end, or when interesting things start to happen on stage.  I have to make sure that I catch everything important with that one recording.   That way I’m sure that each parent gets a good close up of his/her kid. 

time1 - 5 hours participation (60 min set up) This is the overall time the videographer will be present at the school's premises. The set up time may be longer if internal mics or more complex wiring is required.

This is only a guide line and it depends on multiple circumstances. 

video-editing-iconFully Edited.   The school event video is fully viewed and the editor cut out the unnecessary scenes, add fade ins and fade outs, titles, adjust and fix the color and adjust the sound levels and reduce the noise. The end product is highlights of the event, which will also included menus and chapters, if you want any school logos or pictures to be printed on the DVD please provide the images beforehand.  We only use Apple Mac with Final Cut Studio 4, including Final Cut Pro, Color, Motion, Sountrack Pro and DVD Studio Pro.

dvd-casePackaging:  Professionally full colour printed DVD case with a printed DVD disc. School Event DVDs are available generally 2-3 weeks after the event.




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