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Welcome to the 21st century.  Just in case you missed the memo, audio cassette tapes have gone the way of the Deloreon and Jane Fonda workout videos.

You know those old cassette tapes you have lying around the house — compilations of favorite songs from a bygone era, family get-togethers recorded with a battery-powered portable, and audio letters swapped with a faraway friend?  

They aren’t getting any younger. In fact, they’re deteriorating as you read this. Over time, a tape’s magnetic particles lose their charge, muffling the audio. If you’ve stored tapes improperly—in a car’s glove box or in a hot attic.

It’s time to get those magnetic memories into your Mac. Once you’ve digitized your old tapes, you can enhance the audio and remove noise, and then burn your efforts to CDs or transfer them to your iPod.


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