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Convert vinyl records & cassette tapes to digital audio


Protect vinyl LP albums and cassette tapes while you can
Burn the digital recordings to CD or save to mp3

Spin Your Old Favorites All Over Again

Transfer Audio Cassette
Audio cassettes were a very popular sound recording format made popular from the late 70s to early 90s. DVD Your Memories has the technology available to forever preserve your audio cassettes onto our archive audio CDs.

Let us transfer your reel to reel tapes to CD or audio files, and preserve your precious memories in digital format forever.

We can convert domestic and studio format 1/4" open reels of audio tape. All reel sizes, playback speeds and track configurations are catered for.

Wether you choose to transfer audio reels to CD or computer files, the same low price applies. For your domestic home recorded tapes we charge per recorded hour rather than per tape. Some tapes, after all, may only contain a few minutes.

The running times of each recording from your tape(s) are added together, to determine the total running time of your order.


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