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8mm Film Reels to DVD

Transfer of 8mm Cine Film to DVD
Those grainy cine films tucked away in a corner of the attic might contain footage of your children on their Chopper bikes; they might show you beaming with pride next to your brand-new ’64 Lotus Ford Cortina (the one with the green stripe). Or they might reveal family weddings at which the groom wore flares and platforms and the bride wore a worried smile. Whatever they show, you’ll want to preserve those memories and transfer your cine film to DVD.

We can capture both 8mm single/standard cine and super 8mm cine film and digitally transfer it to DVD. We currently only transfer silent movies. Show your children and grandchildren what you looked like when growing up!

We strongly recommend having your old cine film footage cleaned before converting. Cleaning will remove dust, dirt and mould that may have built up and result in a cleaner and brighter image when transfered. All cleaning is carefully performed by hand.

8mm Cine film was introduced in the 1930's and very popular in the 1950's and 1960's. Super 8 was introduced in the 1970' and offered a larger frame size resulting in a sharper image. Most 8mm films were silent, however if sound was added then you will see an orange/brown line along the edge of the film. Standard and Super 8 cine film usually run at 18 frames per second.

Transfer prices: 

  • Standard/Regular or Super 8 Cine Film (Silent)
  • 50ft (3" dia) Approx 4mins - R49 per Reel 
  • 200ft (5" dia) Approx 15mins - R99 per Reel 
  • 400ft (7" dia) Approx 30mins - R159 per Reel 
  • Digitising captured Cine Reels up to 1hour = R180 per DVD

Sound Cine Films,  If your cine film has a sound track this will be transferred for free.   Please make sure you inform us if there is a sound track before the transfer is undertaken.

Included on your DVD:

  • Royalty free music.
  • Full Colour Grading and Monitoring:     To make sure the best quality is gained every frame of your cine film is fully monitored.
  • DVD Menu:     We provide a free, thumb-nailed menu for each of your reels, so it is easy to find and watch the reel you want.
  • DVD Disc and DVD Presentation Case:     Your home movies will come back to you on a professionally printed disc (not a label, which can damage your DVD player) and nicely printed sleeve in a protective presentation case.

EXTRA Services:

Editable files:
Supplying as a Windows .wmv file (for you to edit) - Standard transfer price + R35.00 per DVD
Supplying as a Mac Quicktime .mov file (for you to edit) - Standard transfer price + R35.00 per DVD

Personalise your DVD:     Your DVD can be personalised with a personal message professionally printed on the DVD and on the presentation case. The title can be up to 20 words, such as 'The Smith Family 1955-1980' or 'The Wedding of Bill and Betty 1965'.     Please ensure that the titles you provide are spelt correctly before the transfer is undertaken.     Personalised DVDs are R39.00

If no titles are required the DVD and presentation case will be labelled Cine Film to DVD. The reels on the DVD are labelled Reel 1, Reel , Reel 3, etc.



Video2DVD Step

Timeless Memories preserve and re-lived

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 Drop off your media at Jaydee Media  We digitally preserve your memories  Collect from Jaydee Media
  video2dvd  imac-video 
 Video Camera Tapes, VHS, BETAMAX, VHS-C, Hi8 Tapes, LP (vinyl), Audio Casettes, 35mm Sllides, Photos etc

We digitally transfer all your photos, movie films, video tapes,  LP's (vinyl), audio tapes to DVD/CD

You pick up your DVD at our Store. All of your original media will be returned with your order.

Audio Tape to CD

Covert audio casette/tape to CD/mp3 


Welcome to the 21st century.  Just in case you missed the memo, audio cassette tapes have gone the way of the Deloreon and Jane Fonda workout videos.

You know those old cassette tapes you have lying around the house — compilations of favorite songs from a bygone era, family get-togethers recorded with a battery-powered portable, and audio letters swapped with a faraway friend?  

They aren’t getting any younger. In fact, they’re deteriorating as you read this. Over time, a tape’s magnetic particles lose their charge, muffling the audio. If you’ve stored tapes improperly—in a car’s glove box or in a hot attic.

It’s time to get those magnetic memories into your Mac. Once you’ve digitized your old tapes, you can enhance the audio and remove noise, and then burn your efforts to CDs or transfer them to your iPod.


Audio Reel to CD/Mp3

I transfer/convert reel to reel magnetic audio tapes and phonograph records to digital files and CD.


Audio forensics / legal tape, audio clip enhancement. Clients include record companies, music publishing companies, film companies, artist's catalogs, songwriters and private individuals. Services include analog audio recording, digital audio recording, editing, mixing, transferring, restoration, mastering, remastering. Dehydrating or baking tapes is performed should a tape require it. There is a flat fee of $10/reel for the service. I also prepare CD masters that are error checked and ready for CD replication.

This “side business” started many years ago after a close songwriter friend asked me if I could take some old reel-to-reel tapes and transfer them to CDs. I told him I could and would. I have been using analog tape machines since my early recording days and fortunately, I still have my first ones. It made sense to add analog to digital transferring as a studio service. Transferring is performed on days when the studio is not booked.

There comes a time when a magnetic audio tape recording will be rendered un-playable. The key is to get the information transferred from the media as soon as possible before any further deterioration can occur. Playing an old tape will most likely cause more damage and high frequency loss, so it is very important for the client not to play the tape prior to transferring it. Like restoring paintings or any other type of old art, retrieving audio from reel-to-reel tape or records can be quite challenging. Some tapes and records arrive in bad condition. Care must be taken in their handling. Special equipment which requires maintenance and calibration is needed to complete the process. I receive many reels of ¼" and ½" tape from the 1950's and 60's that have paper leader at the beginning and the end of the reel and at numerous places along the reel. These splices dry out and let loose when the tape plays or is fast-wound through. These edits always require being redone with fresh splices and new leader-timing tape before the tape can even be played for transfer. I have never received a magnetic tape that I could not transfer successfully. That includes having 100% success transferring paper based magnetic tapes from the 1940's.
* Transfer to CD price estimates: Price depends on the length of the recording (running time or playing time) and condition of the media supplied. If you would like a rough estimate of transfer cost, please supply the following information in your email. Tape brand and number (i.e., Scotch #111, Ampex #406). Reel size in inches. Tape width (i.e., ¼", ½"). Tape length (i.e., 1200', 1800'). Tape speed. Usually hand written as a note (i.e., 3¾, 7½, 15 IPS). Indicate If the tape is recorded in one or two directions (sometimes, this is not known until the tape is played). I do not have a flat-rate transfer price beacuse every tape has a different running time. I do not charge for blank portions of tape. I personally do all the work myself.

Do you have some digital mixes that need some analog warmth? Get your mixes passed through either my Ampex ATR-102 or Ampex 350 tube machine and back to digital files. Tranfers made from these machines are absoutely stunning. Email me for more information.

Analog magnetic audio tape formats I accept for transfer, conversion, restoration and archiving to digital files and CD:

• ½" 8-track reel to reel 7½, 15 I.P.S.
• ½” 4-track and 2-track reel to reel 7½, 15, 30 I.P.S.
• ¼” 2-track, half-track, full-track reel to reel 3¾, 7½, 15, 30 I.P.S.
• ¼” 4-track, quarter-track reel to reel 3¾, 7½, 15 I.P.S.
• ¼” 8-track, eigth-track reel to reel 15 I.P.S.

Other formats accepted for transferring and archive:

• Tascam DA-88
• Audio Cassette
• Phonograph Records, 16, 33, 33-1/3, 45, 78 RPM

Tape machines used for tape to digital or CD transfer:

• Ampex ATR-102 ¼” 2-track reel to reel 3¾, 7½, 15, 30 I.P.S.
• Ampex AG-440C ½” 2-track, 4-track or ¼” 4-track reel to reel 3¾, 7½, 15 I.P.S. (also variable speed)
• Ampex AG-440B ¼” 4-track reel to reel 7½, 15 I.P.S.
• Ampex 350-2 ¼” 2-track reel to reel 7½, 15 I.P.S.
• Ampex 300-4 ½” 4-track reel to reel 7½, 15, 30 I.P.S.
• Fostex 80-8 ¼” 8-track reel to reel 15 I.P.S.
• Teac 4330-S ¼” 4-track reel to reel 7½, 15 I.P.S.
• Tascam 80-8 ½" 8-track reel to reel 15 I.P.S.
• Tascam TSR-8 ½" 8-track reel to reel 7½", 15 I.P.S.

Noise reduction units available for transfer:

• dbx 155 type I, 8 channels
• Dolby SR, 2 channels


Audio/Sound to CD Transfer

Convert vinyl records & cassette tapes to digital audio


Protect vinyl LP albums and cassette tapes while you can
Burn the digital recordings to CD or save to mp3

Spin Your Old Favorites All Over Again

Transfer Audio Cassette
Audio cassettes were a very popular sound recording format made popular from the late 70s to early 90s. DVD Your Memories has the technology available to forever preserve your audio cassettes onto our archive audio CDs.

Let us transfer your reel to reel tapes to CD or audio files, and preserve your precious memories in digital format forever.

We can convert domestic and studio format 1/4" open reels of audio tape. All reel sizes, playback speeds and track configurations are catered for.

Wether you choose to transfer audio reels to CD or computer files, the same low price applies. For your domestic home recorded tapes we charge per recorded hour rather than per tape. Some tapes, after all, may only contain a few minutes.

The running times of each recording from your tape(s) are added together, to determine the total running time of your order.


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